Arakozia FM – 90.3

About Us

Arakozia FM is a 24-hour rural talk radio launched on October 2010.The station reaches 1.5 million Afghans predominantly in the Pashto-speaking belts of Southern and Eastern Afghanistan. Arakozia, the ancient name of the region which now forms Southern and Eastern Afghanistan, is available on 90.3 FM. The radio network provides rural and remote Pashtun communities with up-to-date information that resonates with their lives and daily needs within the context of governance and civil society.

Arakozia FM offers a variety of local and international news and current affairs programs including daily programming that focuses on subnational governance, citizen advocacy, farming, security, small business, community health and wellbeing as well as the celebration of local cultures and traditions. Its talkback facilities and call-in shows will enable listeners to address issues and concerns directly with their community, government and business leaders, including local governors, agriculture and health experts, small business owners and religious leaders. More importantly, it will allow community members a platform to exchange information and ideas. Arakozia FM is currently available in major Pashto-speaking communities including Jalalabad, Kandahar, Qalat, Gardiz, Khost, Asadabad and Lashkargah. It will expand its coverage to nine other rural cities in Southern and Eastern Afghanistan over the next four months.